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A few words about us

Preventia Wellness has different categories of life-style management and wellness support programs.  We mainly concentrate on various categories of stress and related health issues. 

Major Categories


Therapeutic Stress relief

Stress related issues are common like diabetic, cardiac health etc. This special area of relaxation programs targets to support as supplementary health care for pre and post cardiac surgery care, diabetic care, chronic illness, organ transplantation (prosthetic care) and infertility care.


Sports related stress care

In sports and games the control over the mind is an important aspect. Our stress care methods of Practical Psychology, is capable to support the stress relief and focus oriented practices.


Organisational stress management

Corporate wellness is extra wide meaningful word and it is very difficult to assess. Our corporate wellness program is helpful to assess the qualitative and quantitative results with productivity improvement. This sector includes, technical assessments, practical supports, counselling, public events and final productivity assessment. 


Industrial stress management

We are handling industrial and organization stress as separate units to provide special care and attention. Industrial stress care is connected with de-toxic procedures and family stress issues also.


Corporate & Business related stress management

Stress and strain is a common factor in business and corporate life. Our Practical Psychology method is highly effective to manage the stress and strain without any chemical intakes.


Education stress control

Institutional and professional stress during education period is related with their syllabus, future, and their skill improvement. This is the time they really seek for help to overcome the issues with practical solutions more than a counselling. Preventia Wellness has our own ideologies to control their stress by helping them to come out from obstacles they are facing.


General stress care

We recommend general relaxation with five zone approach for all 35 + category people to protect them from all health-related issues and to get beautiful family life.


‘ Allure care,  the special program provides ‘Protective Early aging’ for a woman ‘

As a part of our complete women care program – Allure, we are promoting, stomach toning, breast toning, eye care & eye contact improvement and muscle toning program. We are not using any chemicals or internal medications for our programs. 


Beyond Sound & Music

‘Nada brahma’ is specially developed program connected with various forms of sound and musical formations. This includes ancient philosophical principles behind the cosmic reformations and the universal formation also.
Nadabrahma, the special Musical Program is developed and Promoted by The Preventia Group.

Yoga & Yogic Empowerment

‘ The power of Agasthya Lineage ‘

We have a strong base of wellbeing with the universal rhythm. We consider Yoga and yogic empowerment as a step towards the target of Self-Realization and empowerment.  We are basically into special yoga methods like Chandrakalayoga, Koumudi kriya, Tripurayoga and more.  These Self-realization and Yogic empowerment methods are based on Kriyayoga, Vasayoga and other Rajayoga methods and mainly under the lineage of Agasthya guided 18 sidha tradition.

women care

We have a special women care program called ‘Wings, and related yoga methods that are designed specially for women.

Our mental health centre

Mental Health Centre in Mysore at Suyog Hospital

The Preventia Group is a consortium of companies that focuses on the three major necessities of life –  health, wellness and resources.


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