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Integrated Trans Dsciplinary Health Approach


Non-invasive approaches integrating various branches of Indic medicines that helps to reduce intake of medicines and harmful chemicals and research and development for preparation of high-quality herbal medicines.


More than 30% of back pain /bone issue cases are suffering their pain due to their helth issues which oppose surgery or major main stream therapies. Fear towards surgery and the attitude against surgery also create such situations. Our integrated bone correction method with vibration therapy is hlepful for such categories to turn back to normal life style.

Our integrated trans-disciplinary approach is capable to provide faster and better recovery /support for after stroke therapies. Our system co-ordinates, physical/muscular therapies, movement support, speech therapies, neuro-strengthening and brain gym, psychological support and immunity improvement.

We have a general physical pain & strain care approach connected with muscular issues and arthritic issues. We are only into wellness and not using any internal medicines or chemicals. Herbal applications, mild geriatric massage, exercises and reflex point therapies are using for pain managements.

This is our future project that will include training for bystanders, setting up emergency support at home for patients including Home ICU, can also provide guidance to patients online through the VR portal.


Preventia Signature-BPM Therapy.

The reason behind our success and universal acceptance is due to our FIVE Zone apporach and seemles integration with other disciplines.

Five zone apporach:  Integrative outlook on –

mind and reflection

Mind & Reflections


Micro-Macro cosmic neuro
intellectual system

Physical body

Energy body



‘ Trans-disciplinary Integrative Approach’

Modern medicine

Modern medicine

Ayurveda & Sidha


Reflex therapies & stimulations



Metabolic Therapy

Metabolic Therapies

Music & Movement therapy


Yoga & Yogic empowerment

Mental Health

Mental Health

Our neuro-rehabilitation centre

Neuro-Rehabilitation Centre in Mysore at Suyog Hospital.

The Preventia Group is a consortium of companies that focuses on the three major necessities of life –  health, wellness and resources.


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