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Science and developments

  • BPM Therapy

BPM Therapy (Bio-Plasmic Modulation Therapy), is a healthcare method connected with ancient Indian philosophies and principles. It uses stimulation of various reflex points using different methods to treat diseases and helps in reducing intake of medicines.

  • Medicines

A lot of research has gone into the research and development of specialized herbal medicines based on Indic Sciences.


Charitable activities

Charity is not just about feeding the poor. It is about spreading happiness through various activities. Opportunities are limitless. Join us in making this world a better place, for us and for everyone.


Wellness India project

A set of camps, training, workshops, and a lot of other activities aimed at providing wellness through mental health, preventive health, and occupational support to different sections of society.

The Preventia Group is a consortium of companies that focuses on the three major necessities of life –  health, wellness and resources.


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